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Congleton Hydro becomes a reality, learn about the project, from site history, the technology, the aims of the project and the future impact! 



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Map of the hydro scheme at Havannah Weir

Congleton Hydro becomes a reality! 

After years of planning, designing, calculating, learning, rucks of hard work, despair and euphoria, progressing one step at a time and sometimes backwards Congleton Hydro is set to become a reality.

As well as generating “green energy”, helping to reduce the sources of climate change and generating funds for Community Projects, the Project will also provide and resource an extensive Education Project to help inform school children, young people and other interested groups of the various aspects of sustainability, the environment and how technology plays an important role.

It is hoped that one of the outputs will be “Green Champions” who will be able to carry the knowledge into future generations.

What is Congleton Hydro?

  • A Micro-Hydro System using the energy produced by the Weir to generate Electrical Power.
  • Havannah Weir will enable the generation of approx. 250,000 kilowatt hours per year, enough to sustain about 60 homes.
  • Operated and maintained by professionally qualified volunteers.
  • Community funded and owned via a Community Share Offering – many similar schemes operating successfully in the UK.
  • Income generated by sale of electricity and receipt of OFGEM Feed in Tariff (FITs).
  • FITs scheme is being withdrawn March 31st, 2019. Last opportunity for such a community scheme to be established in Cheshire East.
  • Non-profit making. Annual surpluses (planned £5K/year) used to fund community projects.

Information Webinar

*Please note share offer now closed. The information webinar was recorded in March 2020 as part of the share raise campaign. 

How does it work?

  • Potential Energy from Weir is related to height and flow
    Water intake via a pipe from above Weir flows through Archimedes Screw and causes it to rotate.
  • The screw is coupled to an electrical generator and control system
    Output from electrical generator, approx. 65kW, is transmitted at 400V to users either via grid connection or direct cable.
  • Having passed through the turbine, the water is returned to the River. Water loss is zero.
  • Sophisticated electronics enable a stable output over a wide range of river flow rates

Hydro Power Screw

*Landustrie is the Archimedes screw manufacturer based in the Netherlands, the video gives a good overview of how our system works.

What are the outcomes?

  • Enables a real reduction in Congleton/Cheshire East’s contribution to CO2 emissions.
  • A visible, community-owned and operated contribution to the local sustainability programme and targets.
  • The realisation of annual operating surpluses (planned £5K) to fund local Community Projects.
  • Helps preserve the structure of Havannah Weir (Grade 2 listed) which is currently falling into disrepair.
  • In partnership with Eaton Bank Academy and local primary schools will provide a sustainable educational programme relating to Science & Engineering, Environment and Sustainability, Aquatics and Bio-diversity, Business Management and so on.
  • Volunteering benefits such as mental and physical gains, increased confidence, meeting new people, being part of a community and learning new skills.

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As the Town Mayor of Congleton, I am delighted to see this long-awaited project starting to become a reality. Not only will it redirect renewable energy back into the community, but it will be an educational tool for future generations to see how we can harness what is already available to us and transform it into clean energy. 

- Sally-Ann Holland

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