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Introduction to our first successful project Congleton Hydro, we will be building on this success with Congleton Solar!

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Invest in community energy and earn 5% interest

DVCE-CP (Dane Valley Community Energy – Congleton Park), a community benefit society, is embarking on a new renewable energy initiative following the successful completion of the Congleton Hydro project. This new endeavour aims to harness solar power for schools and businesses in Congleton, Cheshire, and North Staffordshire.

As a community-owned project, DVCE-CP will utilise the company’s assets for the benefit of the local community. The society will be managed by a committed team of volunteers and any surplus generated will be reinvested in the community. To fund this project, a share offer has been introduced, allowing individuals and organisations to invest in the venture, with share amounts ranging from £100 to £50,000.

Our primary objective is to raise £530,000 through this share offer, enabling us to complete construction and initial operation. Investors will receive annual interest of 5% and their investment will be repaid over 15 years.  The share offer is set to close on December 31st.

By combining the power of community ownership and renewable energy, DVCE-CP seeks to create a positive and lasting impact on the environment and the local community.

Your capital is at risk when you invest, so never risk more than you can afford to lose. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance. If you are in any doubt you should consult a financial adviser.

Fiona Bruce MP

I’m delighted to encourage us all to support and participate in this renewable energy scheme and well done to all those involved in working hard to make this innovative project happen

- Fiona Bruce MP

(£) Investment Secured

(£) Amount To Min Target

(£) Amount To Max Target

The share raise amount as of 28th December. Including the £60,000 booster loan from the CO-OP plus loan & grant from The Key Fund totalling £100,000.

The minimum fundraising target is £400,000.

The max fundraising target is £530,000

We Have the Power to Impact Our Future, and We’re Doing Something About It

Saves around 71 tonnes of CO2 equivalent in the first year of the project.

Building On the Success of Congleton Hydro

DVCE-CP, born in 2022 from the same brilliant minds behind the successful Havannah Wier Hydro-electric plant (Congleton Hydro), is making waves once again. Their previous endeavour, Dane Valley Community Energy (DVCE), generated an impressive 330 MWh of green electricity in just 20 months, fulfilling their promises to shareholders with timely interest and capital payments. Not stopping there, DVCE also contributed £9,000 to local charities and environmental projects.

DVCE-CP received a grant to develop a new energy installation. They plan to develop a second Hydro-electric scheme at Congleton Park and equip local schools and businesses with solar panels. While the second Hydro-electric project has faced setbacks in land acquisition, the solar project is progressing smoothly. However, to bring their vision to life, they need your help in raising funds for the installation of solar panels.

By investing in this project, you’ll be part of a portfolio comprising 10 rooftop solar sites, boasting an installed power of 432 kW. These sites are projected to generate over 371 MWh of electrical energy annually, equivalent to powering approximately 120 households.

The best part?

This clean energy production will save an estimated 71 tonnes of CO2 emissions that would have otherwise been released by traditional power stations. Moreover, a portion of the income generated will be used to support other community energy projects and enhance the local environment, resulting in even more carbon savings.

Join DVCE-CP now and be a driving force behind this transformative movement towards sustainable energy.

Havannah School roof design

Havannah Primary School, Congleton PV Roof Design

Astbury Golf Club roof design

Astbury Golf Club, Congleton PV Roof Design

By investing in Congleton Solar You Will:


What is the Community Shares Standard Mark?

Congleton Solar have complied with the rigorous Community Shares Standard Mark assessment and is proud to have achieved this national standard of good practice.

The Standard Mark provides a framework for societies to develop high-quality share offer documents with support from CSU-accredited practitioners.

The Community Shares Standard Mark ensures that community share offers are clear, honest and transparent. They also ensure that investors are presented with all the facts they need to make an informed decision and these facts are supported by annual accounts and/or the business plan.

Community Standard Mark

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£530,000 Target

Congleton Solar Campaign

The share offer will be open from the 12th of July until the 31st of October, now extended until the 31st of December or until fully subscribed. Over the 5-month campaign, we will be holding various online and in-person events, these are detailed below. If you love what you have seen and would like to get more involved we are always on the lookout for volunteers!

Get Involved – Volunteer

Upcoming Events



Online Zoom Presentation

Join members of the team as they present the project and answer any questions. Starts at 7:30 pm – REGISTER HERE



Macclesfield Civic Society 

Congleton Solar will be giving a short presentation. 




Probus Club Presentation 

Congleton Solar will be giving a short presentation.



Sandbach Green Energy Conference

Congleton Solar will be giving a presentation.

What is a Community Benefit Society (CBS)?

A Community Benefit Society is an organisation governed by a set of rules overseen by the Financial Conduct Authority.  The Rules ensure that any surplus funds are used for community benefit and that all shareholders have equal voting rights.  It also protects shareholders from any liabilities in excess of their shareholding.  A copy of the Society’s rules is available to view or download below.

Is DVCE-CP registered with the FCA?

The “Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014” specifies that a community benefit society must be registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

To achieve registration the FCA must be satisfied “that the business of the Society is being, or is intended to be, conducted for the benefit of the community”, that the Society has at least three members and has a registered address in Great Britain or the Channel Islands. Dane Valley Community Energy Congleton Part Ltd is registered with the FCA (Registration No ****).  The FCA maintains a website listing all registered Societies at www.mutuals.fca.org.uk.

How did DVCE-CP get started?

DVCE-CP was formed in 2022 by the same group that successfully launched the Hydro-electric plant at Havannah Wier under a sister Community Benefit Society (CBS) – Dane Valley Community Energy (DVCE) www.congletonhydro.co.uk. After 20 months of operation, the Havannah scheme has generated over 330 MWh of green electricity and DVCE has made its first interest and capital payment to shareholders on schedule. Furthermore, DVCE has contributed £9,000 to local charities and environmental projects.

In 2022, DVCE-CP received a grant from the Rural Communities Energy Fund to develop a second Hydro-electric scheme at the weir in Congleton Park and to fit solar panels to the roofs of local schools and businesses. The second Hydro-electric scheme in Congleton Park has been delayed by problems in acquiring the necessary land. However, the Solar project development has made good progress and we are now at the stage where we need to raise funds to pay for installation of the solar panels and associated equipment.

What is this share offer for?

This share offer is for the Solar PV scheme only. 

The funds raised through this share offer will be entirely spent on the design, purchase and installation of Solar power systems for our customers.

The Hydro-electric scheme in Congleton Park will be the subject of a separate share offer in the future.


How many customers have you got?

During the development phase, we identified 10 suitable customer sites for solar installations. Our solar consultants, Locogen www.locogen.com, have designed systems for these sites and we have presented proposals to the customers.

The customers have sent us ‘letters of intent’, subject to contract, accepting our proposals, full details covered in the share offer document. 

Why local green energy?

Generating green energy locally encourages local people to take responsibility for being environmentally responsible and provides an educational resource to ensure that this philosophy is adopted by future generations.

How can we be sure that the equipment we propose to install will be ethically manufactured?

We propose to use internationally recognised brands of equipment for the installations that provide their corporate statements including employment policies on their respective websites.

The majority of panel manufacture is currently in China, but this is an ever developing market, with new manufacturers now trading in India, Spain, the US and France.

The inverters are manufactured in multiple locations worldwide.


The respective websites are:





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DVCE-CP is registered as a Community Benefit Society with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) (Registration Number 8859). This legal structure is regulated by the FCA and governed by rules, which can be viewed above.