Following the successful construction and commissioning of a Hydroelectric Project at Havannah Weir, more commonly known as “ARCHIE”, the team behind it have secured grant funding to develop a brand new renewable energy scheme. This time the goal will be to generate power from both hydro and solar sources. The hydro scheme will be located beside the weir near Congleton Park. The solar arrays will be positioned on the roofs of suitable private and public buildings around Congleton. Apart from generating carbon-free energy, the scheme will provide a focal point for promoting sustainability within the community and an educational resource. Surplus funds from selling the electricity will be directed into community projects. £4,000 has already been made available from the first project after only 5 months of operation.


To administer this exciting new project a new Community Benefit Society (CBS) will be formed. While building on the expertise and knowledge of those involved in the development of ARCHIE, this new CBS (to be known as Dane Valley Community Energy-Congleton Park or DVCE-CP for short) will be financially and administratively independent of DVCE Ltd. Consistent with that aim we are looking for new blood to form the implementation team. More specifically we need individuals who are willing to be appointed as directors of DVCE-CP, filling the roles of Company Secretary and Treasurer and other roles. You would be joining a team of highly motivated individuals who have enjoyed each other’s company and pursuing a common goal for the good of the community.

Those appointed must be committed and able to share the responsibility of driving the project development forwards with assistance from an experienced Renewable Energy Consultant, already selected by the current DVCE team. The existing DVCE team will also be on hand to advise. The project development phase will involve feasibility and engineering studies, environmental impact studies, planning and Environment Agency applications, a business case development and finally a public share offering. Those who are interested in getting involved should make themselves known by sending an email admin@congletonhydro.co.uk with some background information about themselves.

Volunteers Needed in the following areas:
• Secretary
• Treasurer
• Electrical Design
• Mechanical Design
• Civil Construction
• Publicity
• Bookkeeping
• Construction work, Etc.