Congleton Hydro
Volunteer role description
Role title Documentation Controller

Purpose of the role – Devise and introduce a structured system that will enable the collation, production and maintenance of the historical design and operating documentation for the Congleton Hydro project.

What you will be doing  – Working with the Director(s) responsible for the safe performance, operation and maintenance of the hydro installation, create and maintain the appropriate online and physical documentation.

In association with the Education and Tour Guide Volunteers, create and maintain an online visitor booking and diary system.

Skills, experience and qualities needed

• Organise a myriad of existing documentation from disparate sources into an on-line filing mechanism, to an existing index.
• Thereby identify missing documentation and either create or with others create the documentation.
• An understanding of the needs of Health and Safety requirements that the documentation has to conform to.
• An ordered logical mind!
• Be an Ambassador/champion for Congleton Hydro
When and where • It is likely that this role will be largely home based using existing computer links.
• This role will be ‘heavy up-front’ then become a care and maintenance role of perhaps 1 day per week plus an as required monitoring and appropriate liaison regarding the site booking system.
• Attendance at co-ordination/ training sessions as required.

Support offered

• Induction programme will be provided to cover all aspects of the Congleton Hydro Scheme eg background, operation, technicalities etc.
• Detailed Induction on Health and Safety Requirements, security of equipment, pro-active liaison with the Education Team re. guiding visitors, especially those with special needs.
• Reporting to and support from the Directors and the wider Congleton Hydro Organisation.

What you could get out of it

• Member of a team of like-minded enthusiasts helping the wider community and future generations learn about the importance of our Environment and its Sustainability.
• Be part of a valuable Community Project—-join now and be in at the start.
• Volunteers should be able to combine these activities with other on-site voluntary work on the hydro system and its local environment.


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